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This Tandem Micro UAV Helicopter

Can Carry 4 ~ 5 lbs HD Video Handy CAM

To Shoot Live HD Video For Filming & Air Surveillance

Unique Tandem Rotors  Servo CPU

This mixer controls 2 swash plates at the same time. Since tandem has to control 2 swash plates at the same time, linkage will be very complicated if mechanical mixing is used. SV-MIXer included in this helicopter changes signal from normal mode transmitter to swash mode. SV-MIXer  signal is transmitted to 6 servo in front and rear. Complex linkage is not necessary anymore and setting can be done by input to this SV-MIXer

Unique 3 axis gyro
This 3 axis gyro stabilizes aileron, elevator, and rudder. Sensitivity can be adjusted from SV-MIXcer . If GYR Rem (Gyro remote) switch on SV-MIXer  is turned on, adjustment can be done from transmitter for 1ch only.
  note: Only this 3 axis gyro can be used for this helicopter. Gyro must be connected to SV-MIXer  to use the mixer.
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