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A World Champion Model II 9ZHP Synthesized Radio Control System . 


R319DPS Synthesized Receiver

  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 2.1 x .8 in (33 x 53 x 20mm)
  • Weight: 1.25 oz (35.4g)

Allow you to fly on any 72MHz frequency channel ówithout changing modules. For additional flexibility, see the optional .

The 9Z has always lead the industry in innovation and flexibility

stick inset

Sticks on the 9Z Series WC2 radios are beveled on top to provide a more sensitive surface for precision control.

switch inset

Switches A, B, C, D, and G now offer a 3rd position, allowing you even more locations to assign the WC2's myriad of fully programmable features; for example, using a flight condition to create triple rates on a single switch.

switch inset

All tall switches feature a stronger base, which gives you a more positive feel when you move the switch.

1500mAh battery

The 1500mAh receiver battery and 1100mAh transmitter battery that come with 9Z WC2 radios provide longer flying time and handle the additional power requirements of digital servos


9ZHP  WC2 System Overview:
  • Each 9Z WC2 system fully supports these model types:
    • Aircraft ("acro")
    • The 5 primary types of helicopter swashplates including 3 CCPMS
    • 3 popular types of glider wing layouts
  • 1024 High Resolution
  • 9 Channels
  • 10-Model Memory (16 additional memories with each optional CAMPac Module
  • 8-Character Model Names
  • Up to 8 Flight Conditions for Each Model (each separately programmable)
  • 5 Programmable Mixes (with special advanced functions for each model setup)
  • Ball Bearing Control Sticks with Adjustable Length and Tension
  • Programmable Transmitter Switches
  • Large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with Adjustable Contrast Screen
  • Soft Keys for Easy Programming
  • Data Copying
  • Two Separate Timers and Elapsed Time Counter
  • Automatic System Power-off
  • Low Voltage and Special Mixer Alarms
  • Voltmeter with Adjustable Load for Tx and Rx Batteries
  • Built-in Tachometer
  • Direct Servo Control System
  • Trainer System
  • Swiveling Antenna (stores in transmitter)
  • Removable Tx  Battery Pack
  • Deluxe Carrying Case

This radio can program for all types of aircraft - airplane, helicopter, or sailplane.

Parts Includes :                              

   (1)     9ZH WC II Transmitter (no stock #) 

   (1)     NR4F NiCAD 4.8V 1500MAH (FUTM1285)         

   (1)     Transmitter neck-strap (the wide one, not the thin one)  (FUTM5692)

   (1)     FBC19B(4) Charger for 1000mAh RX and 700mAh TX batteries (FUTM1830)

   (1)     153 page instruction manual w/26p  supplement (FUTZ8590/FUTZ8591)

   (1)     Transmitter case (FUTM5701)

   (1)     DSC cord (FUTM4250)

   (1)     NT8S 1100mAh Tx NiCad (FUTM1470)

   (1)     DSC/Charge harness (FUTM4243)

   (1)     H/D Receiver switch harness (FUTM4385)



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