Futaba Gyros GY 401

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Futaba Gyro GY-401


●Control system: Digital advanced PI   Proportional Integration) control
●SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) vibration gyro
●Voltage: DC +4~+6V
●Temperature range:-10~+45C
●Dimension:27 x 27 x 20 mm; 1" x 1" x 0.8"
●Weight: 27g


Mini screwdriver x1
●Double-sided tape x3 sheets

smm technology

SMM (Silicon Micro Machine)

Essentially, it's micro-machining mechanical parts and systems right on a silicon chip a first in the hobby industry. This results in unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability and sophistication.

avcs system

AVCS (Active Angular Velocity Control System)

This feature is the equivalent of heading hold, except that it utilizes a gyro sensor that's more accurate and less susceptible to vibration than conventional piezo gyros. It continually sends control signals to the servo , even when the tail is not moving, for extremely low temperature drift and more positive control for hovering and flying in crosswinds.


  • Delivers high performance for 30- to 60-size helis
  • Has remote gain feature and transmitter-controled switching to AVCS
  • Operation is almost 4 times faster (270Hz) than conventional gyros

●AVCS system: Since rudder trim changes caused by changes in tail reaction torque changes due to wind and other meteorological changes and main rotor rotation variations are automatically cancelled, tail (rudder) operation is easy, making it perfect for beginners.
●SMM gyro sensor: Use of a new extremely small drift SMM Silicon Micro Machine) gyro sensor virtually eliminates rudder trim changes during flight.
●High-speed, high-precision control realized by digital advanced control by microcomputer.
●Conductive resin case improves anti-EMI (static electricity, radio wave interference) characteristic.
●Gyro sensitivity setting trimmer.
●Gyro direction switch.

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