Tandem Twin Rotors Micro UAV Helicopter

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Tandem Twin Rotors Micro UAV Helicopter

Best for Aerodynamic Study

Flight Manrnuvering Study




Flight  Video

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Combo Package

Components List

  1. Tandem Helicopter fuselage  Kits  ( full metal )
  2. Semi symmetrical 3 blades rotor x 2 for high lift and high payload.
  3. OS 50H 1.87 HP helicopter engine
  4. 9 channels 9ZHp World Champion II  Digital Synthesized Radio Transmitter
  5. High sensitive Futaba 9 channels digital receiver
  6. High torque high speed Futaba digital servos  6 pcs
  7. Fast reaction high speed digital servos for throttle control.  
  8. Precision unique 3 axis gyro.
  9. Engine clutch mechanism.
  10. Alloy low noise muffler
  11. Rechargeable 6 V battery for digital receiver.
  12. Original  aluminum carrier case for the transmitter.
  13. Tandem helicopter Chinook shape fuselage plastic housing.


  1. Fuel pump
  2. Fuel tank
  3. Engine  Starter
  4. Growth plug
  5. NTSC High sensitive ultra-light  video camera ( open housing to reduce weight )
  6. NTSC video 7 LCD  monitor


Unique Tandem Rotors  Servo CPU


Unique 3 axis gyro Included


All include  turn-key solution

Ready to Fly, for only  $ 6,800 USD.




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